Mewston, we have a problem

Trying to soft launch? Hello Murphy.

Approximate read time:
1 minute

There’s so much work that could be done on and for this site, but I figured hey why not just get a soft launch up. Let me take a quick break.

Not what I meant by break

Photo of laptop with huge mouse pointer with inconspicuous cat in background
Not what comes to mind when you think Cat and Mouse.

So I come back to my laptop only to find that the mouse pointer is almost the size of my face. I move the mouse around but cannot find any accessibility popups nor options on the bottom right of the screen. Keyboard shortcuts are not working either.

Zoom back out with the mouse

After trying a myriad of things I think Ctrl + Alt and the mouse middle wheel allowed me to zoom out. It was hard to tell at first because of delays but give it some time and it did the trick.

Alienware, mystery keys for aliens

My Windows key was not working. Tried a ton of things and then it hit me to check specifically for Alienware laptops. The Fn + F6 key disables/re-enables the Windows key. Just not while you’re logged out. You have to be logged in first for that to work.

What’s left?

Seriously. My left key was not working at all. AT ALL. How did I get this to work? Crossed my fingers and restarted.

3… 2… 1…

With my laptop fully functional, all that’s left is to finally get to deploying, right?

Screenshots of Ionos Deploy Now service down but Status page saying all things are operational
Yeah. ... yeah.

So is it down, or is it not down? Is it just me?

But then I remembered… 11ty is a static site generator. I can just upload this thing manually before I run out the house. Here we go!

(No cat was harmed in the making of this post. I thought he came back to apologize, but he was hungry, so he’s now fed. Can’t win, can we?)